Getting Ready for Back to School

September is hard for kids. They have spent the past two months running around camp, playing sports, and enjoying their lazy summer days and now have to get back into the routine of being a student.  Facing the unknown of the upcoming year, most children walk into class that first day filled with excitement and the best of intentions.  They command an attitude that this year will be their best by doing what is right, getting their assignments done in a timely way, and avoiding the pressure of getting behind and the stress that it causes.  They are confident in their resolution to take it head on. Best laid plans…

September can be really hard on parents too. There is so much to consider in getting your child ready for school. Setting them up correctly for a successful year can feel quite elusive; after all, there is no parenting handbook that highlights the best ways to prepare for the onslaught of school. I try to coach parents to use the Marni Method Organizational System as a paradigm of balance and discipline for their kids to follow.

Have you ever noticed the pattern of the September Slump?

Anyone who works closely with kids recognizes the natural ebb and flow of work, an inconsistent rhythm to how the school year unfolds.

A September filled with tedious review and sporadic assignments is a misleading preview that generates a false sense of security about the expectations of their workload in the months that follow.

A back to school trend NOT to follow

Riding the pace metered by the school instead of creating your own consistent rhythm can negatively impact grades, stress levels, and the essential balance necessary to succeed as a student. Kids will still protest that “I don’t have an hour of homework,” but drifting along at the school’s pace dooms the child to ups and downs, drama, anxiety, and sleepless nights.  As parents, we know this dreaded combination promotes a recipe for disaster, for the lowered immunity that comes with poor sleeping habits and stress puts their whole household at risk for that inevitable welcome-back-to-school cold/flu/virus that will set your child back even more.

Are you ready to avoid the September Slump?

By signing the Marni Method Hour of Power contract, students commit to their Sunday through Thursday ‘school night’ routine from Day 1.

Contracting with your son or daughter sets healthy habits by giving them the discipline they need to engage in 60 minutes of focused pen to paper work.

This first step is essential for kids to establish and stick to a routine that will help them create efficiency and balance in a world that has little of either.

More ideas for sidestepping the September Slump

 Force kids back onto a good sleep schedule at least a week before school starts.
Try to replicate the patterns and habits they will have to adhere to once the school year begins.

Start building your kids stamina for theHour of Power by devoting 60 minutes each night to uninterrupted reading (maybe their assigned summer reading and/or assignments?) a week or two prior to the first day of class.

You might even try relegating them to the same area (I always suggest the dining room) that your child will use during the school year for his/her Hour of Power.

Give your student the gift of a Marni Method Organizational System this fall and
watch them find their own academic zone.