Get Ready for the Easiest & Biggest Fundraiser Yet!

PTOs, PTAs, & Educational Foundations across New Jersey are using the Marni Method Notebook System as a fundraiser that helps the students they serve academically, but also promises to be a lucrative fundraising partner!! The Marni Method System™ gives students a simple template to create order and efficiency in their academic world. 

My clients have experienced incredible gains in academic success from incorporating Marni Method into their study routines. Let’s give every student the tools and methodology needed to let their natural intelligence work for them.

Click here to read what parents, students and educators are saying about Marni Method and how it combines the science of memory to help students better navigate school.

Please contact me to discuss implementing Marni Method in your school and join me in my crusade to help every kid in school feel better about how they approach their academic world.

The Marni Method team is ready to begin fulfilling orders for school districts and PTO/A’s across the state.

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