“Until I started using the Marni Method system my school papers used to disappear into a black hole of disorganization. After they were set up it was such a relief to know exactly where my notes and handouts were – giving me an awareness and control over my studies I never had before. Marni Method was instrumental in my success throughout high school and has been an indispensible resource as I continue my education at Georgetown University. The habits Marni Method has set into motion has given me the confidence to take on my premed courses and manage my workload as a neurobiology major.”

-Sophomore, Georgetown University

“Since I started keeping Marni Method notebooks I went from a C student to making honor roll every semester. The truth is, it is just so much easier to set up my schoolwork this way because I already have everything in order to study for tests without even trying. Some of my teachers have even started using Marni Method after seeing how much it has helped me. I don’t know why everyone doesn’t just use Marni Method to set up their school stuff.”

-High School Junior

“As a high school athlete trying to get recruited to a division I college program I had so many afterschool commitments that I simply couldn’t find the time to manage all my homework and studies. Freshman year I was definitely an organizational mess, which made getting all my schoolwork done post practice and club teams seem next to impossible. I’m just glad I was fortunate enough to start using Marni Method before sophomore year of high school when I needed to buckle down and get good grades if I was going to have a chance to go to a top college. Once I began to use them, however, I found myself a lot less stressed and way more on top of what needed to be done daily- and even weekly. I still use Marni Method today and they sure make college work seem a lot easier!”

-Freshman, Princeton University


“Four years ago my eldest child while in 7th grade was struggling in school. Although his grades were good he did not have the tools to mange his time or stay organized with his workload. As a parent I had to navigate his daily study and homework routine. With the Marni Method our family saw immediate results. With the institution of her “Hour of Power” and amazing notebook system his academic life has completely changed. For the past four years he has followed her notebook system and I have NEVER had to oversee his routine again. Most importantly, he feels empowered and in control of his academic life. In fact, this method has proved so successful to my family that both my  younger children follow it now too.”

-Parent, President Berkley Heights Education Foundation

“Dr. Marni Betlow truly understands and loves working with kids! Our family has known and worked with Marni for close to 15 years. She has tutored, advised, befriended, and just plain always been there for us. Marni brings an unusual empathy to her practice unmatched by any other learning professional I have ever encountered. She has created an innovative study skills system encompassing all the important practical study skills she has incorporated with my children over the years. This unique system, “The Marni Method” is geared to aid all levels of learners.  My children and high school students have all benefited greatly from this system, as well as her expertise and exceptionally caring spirit.”

– Parent and High School teacher


“So simple and cost-effective, it’s brilliant…takes the guesswork out of organizational study…let’s not fear innovative approaches to education”

– President Board of Education

“This system makes all the sense in the world. Why are we not already doing this?”

– Dean of Students

“Kids shouldn’t have to invent their own organizational wheel….Students need to use ONE system for all their subjects if they are going to learn to create good study habits…and schools do not set students up this way. Marni Method fills that gap… I’m just happy someone has decided to actually teach a study skills approach that every student can use. I would recommend this system to any student who is looking to become more efficient and successful in school.”

– Middle School Principal